Presentations and training just got real!

Powerful cloud-based Content Management and Distribution System

Real-time media management

Control and orchestrate screen content from your mobile via a simple, intuitive interface with playlist functionality. Easily adjust content in real time for dynamic training scenarios or persuasive sales conversations.


  • Set up scenarios and update the content in real-time based on trainee behaviours and competency
  • Introduce unexpected events to test skills and reactions
  • Supports unlimited number of centres and screens, regardless of physical locations - upload in Sydney for instant playback in Canberra.


  • Adjust content to suit the customer needs and conversations on the fly
  • Fingertip media playback control for fluid, adaptable presentations
  • Government-grade resilience and security
  • Global scalability combined with local reliability (no reliance on a stable web connection)

Any screen. Any time. Any content.

Video, animation, web pages, presentations, kiosks, big screens, tablets, desktops. supports all popular media formats on any screen. And because it integrates with a content management system you can search and create playlists or design your own experiences from pre-built templates.

How it works

Content Management System

  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Supports all popular media formats
  • Fully searchable
  • Smart assignment of content to screens

Presenter Media Controller

  • Works in any modern browser, optimized for tablet
  • Queue up any combination of engagements, playlists or media items
  • Drag and drop to reorder
  • Mark favourites, preview content and filter by key word

Player app

  • Syncs content to local machines instantly
  • If the connection drops, media continues to play.
  • Dual mode: carousel type view.
  • Auto Repeat - if your screen is on, so is your content.
  • Over the air updates.
  • Unique, cutting-edge tech stack built for blazingly fast speeds
  • Lazy loading means growing media library does not impose performance restrictions on the system.
  • Unlimited Admin or Presenter account logins
  • Supports all popular media formats via Chromium engine baked into Electron Player application
  • Plug 'n'Play integration with existing hardware
  • Supports all popular media formats via Chromium engine baked into Electron Player application
  • Touch-enabled content navigation engine
  • Drag 'n' drop functionality allows upload of multiple media items at once.

Highly secure

PRESENTO.ME employs the same network security and DevOps continuous delivery framework as used by government organisations. An OWASP-type Penetration Testing was undertaken during development to test for core vulnerabilities. A full technical audit of the DevOps framework was also conducted by the ANAO in advance of go-live, with no adverse results. This is coupled with network-based intrusion detection and threat intelligence services provided by Amazon.